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How to Display Your Finished Custom Diamond Painting at Home?

~Having finished with your custom diamond painting, are you now worried about displaying it? No worries; to hang it in your living space, you just need a frame to fix it and a place to display it. A well-crafted masterpiece is itself a compliment to you more than anything. You spent hours meticulously placing each sparkling diamond onto your custom diamond painting kit, and now you have a dazzling piece of art that you’re proud of. The next step is to display your masterpiece in a way that showcases its beauty and the effort you put into creating it. Let us move further and understand how you can elegantly display your custom diamond painting at home. Frame It Framing is...

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Diamond Painting: A Fun Crafting Time with Family

~ Choose art of paint by diamonds for crafty family time Diamond painting has been a well-known artform that serves as an art ecstasy for most of the artisans across the world. Here, the art of paint by diamonds remains a heartthrob for many art enthusiasts, however. It is because the process involves crafting beautiful portrait into a sparkling masterpiece attained using craftfully colored rhinestones. Thus, this method of diamond painting a portrait of your interest into an applaudable artistic piece using all premium tools will seem to be a fantasy for every art lover. So, now imagine crafting this amusing art along with your family all together using the paint with diamonds kit; it will be amazing, right? Make...

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