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Creativity has no boundaries, and paint by numbers is a perfect example of this artistic freedom. With paint by numbers, you can discover the artist within you, and the best way to do this is with our top-quality paint by number kits Canada. So, why wait? Dive into the unique world of creativity with our exceptional range of paint by number kits, designed with high-quality tools for both kids and adults.

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Custom Paint by Numbers

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What would be more precious than having your favorite photo on a "paint by numbers canvas?" Absolutely nothing, right!

Our custom painting kit is a novel way to express your love for yourself or your beloved. All you have to do is send your best-loved photo and wait for the magic while we turn it into a paint by number kit.


Unleash Your Creativity With Our Handy Paint By Numbers Canada.

Are you the one who loves art and crafts and feels more passionate about them? Also, do you fall for vibrancy in every color and want to create amazing artwork? And you are worried just because you don't have enough skills? Then, no worries; our paint by numbers for adults kit is just crafted for you. You don't need to be an expert in order to use our creative craft kit; you might be a complete beginner who is not aware of the basics or a professional in curving craft. Both ways, our paint by numbers kit for adults, Canada, will assist you with just the best and nothing.

Our paint by numbers kit for adults comes with well-equipped tools that help you find an easier way to craft your masterpiece. While unfolding our thoughtfully curated kit, you can find a set of acrylic colors, paint brushes of different sizes, a sample canvas or portrait, and a pre-numbered canvas sheet. Considerably, while using this paint by numbers for adults kit from us, you simply need to follow the pre-numbered canvas sheet and paint the colors accordingly as per the code given. You are almost there. Just by paying your total attention and thoroughly following the pre-numbered canvas, your finished artwork will be well executed, just as a pro does.

As per a well-known study resource, it is stated that if an adult with a hectic schedule spends at least an hour crafting, then their stress levels will be absolutely zero percent. When it comes to paint by numbers adults art, then say it is a whole new way of therapeutic process. We exclusively offer paint by numbers kits for adults, which are packed with high-quality tools and mostly with love for every customer. Get your adult paint by numbers Canada, and unleash yourself totally into a world of art and creativity with a peaceful and calming experience in painting every canvas block on a pre-numbered sheet.

Happy crafting!

You Are Just 3 Steps Away From Crafting Your Masterpiece.

Few Handy Tips For your Paint By Numbers Canvas

Knowing a few handy tips will always help to achieve the perfect frame for the artwork.
Stay Art Progressive:
Start with small blocks of the canvas on your first day and observe the way paint is dried. Following this on a progressive note, you can easily analyze where the color has uneven strokes.
Stay Colour Constant:
If you pick one color in the sketch, then try finishing that color part on the entire canvas sheet. This could help you follow the pattern without missing any blocks.
Stay Tone Proficient:
Try applying double coats of paint, especially if it is for light-colored walls. This will unusually highlight every area in the given pattern on canvas.
Stay Hess-free:
Take particular time breaks in between your art so that you can have a precise focus on it. Also, avoid sitting for long just to avoid eye strain.
Stay Art Organized:
Try crafting in a proper light so that there will not be any usual messing up with the colors and you paint every canvas block appropriately.
Stay Art Focused:
Maintain the reference portrait sheet with the utmost care to make sure that you have not missed any canvas block areas for painting and that you do it in an even manner.
Stay on Right:
If you are a right-handed person, then you need to confirm that the left-side space on the sheet is deep enough that you can place your hand on it. So you need to paint from the top right corner and vice versa for a left-hander.
Stay Art Persistent:
Usually, when you buy a paint by numbers for adults kit, you try to make art practice a habit. To say start it by setting a 10-15 minutes from day 1 and increasing it gradually.
Have a creative break!

Tactful Facts of Paint by Numbers You Cannot Skip

Paint by numbers Canada serves as the ultimate crafting destination for both beginners and experts, as it suits every skill level and provides every artisan with amusing benefits like:

  1. An effective time-passing hobby that can turn into a never-ending passion.
  2. Improves your memory and builds up cognitive efficacy.
  3. Develops life management skills within you, further allowing you to make prompt decisions at the right time.
  4. Extirpates your stress and anxiety right from the root cause.
  5. It mostly helps you get rid of unusual bustles and attain meditative benefits while crafting.
  6. Paint by numbers Canada will accompany you as your best buddy for life.
  7. While in the process of painting, your hand-eye coordination skills will improve.
  8. Slowly, you will develop patience and tolerance during this process.
  9. This crafting method will help in accomplishing the predestined colorful masterpiece as expected.

The facts mentioned above continue to be remarkable as long as painting is your fervent and you thrive on exploring your inner self through this art form. Have you started your painting journey yet?

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to place an order or want to know about the product's optimal features, then you are requested to go through these few answered questions.

Paint by numbers is such an easy art process that you need to dedicate it with mountable time, effort, and focus. You might be a novice to the process, yet you can easily craft it by following the referral guide provided in every paint by numbers kit. Thus, as you open your paint by numbers kit, try separating all the tools, placing the canvas on a flat surface, and sticking it firmly without any air bubbles or wrinkle formation. Then try uncovering the plastic sheet on canvas slowly and start painting from top to bottom; it is always recommended to finish with a single color first and then choose the other color so that there will not be any confusion in the process. Thus, follow the same process until the canvas are entirely colored up; that's it; your masterpiece is now ready.

The formation of creases or wrinkles on a canvas is a common issue that most artisans confront. There are many ways to get rid of this complication, but a few adaptable ones are: by using heaving objects like books or a rolled pin [make sure that the canvas cover is properly placed on the canvas before applying the weights]; by using a heating pad; by using a pen knife to remove air bubbles; by using an iron box [recommended only for most tough creases and used only at lower temperatures]; and by using a wrinkle remover spray.

There are no such secrets for attaining a perfect custom paint by numbers, yet there are a few steps to be considered while opting for personalized artwork. They are, as mentioned:

1. Make sure the picture you have selected is of high resolution and has no blurry formations in it.

2. Always try choosing a close-up photo rather than a group photo, and if it is a group photo, try picking one with a maximum of four heads.

3. Also, check the background colors in the image so that they will not affect the objective image we are focusing upon.

That's it. Send your picture to us by following all the above-mentioned categories. Our expertise will craft the picture into an amazing custom paint by number canvas, which you can further work on for crafty practice.

Aspect ratio is generally considered when you are choosing a custom paint by numbers. Here, while you are sending a picture for us, you are always recommended to follow this aspect ratio such that it will help in selecting the picture with good resolution, size, and color, which on the other hand helps in crafting a perfect custom paint by numbers. Technically, aspect ratio is defined as a proportion of width to height; it measures the width of the chosen picture along with its height.

You can always choose the canvas size based on the image size you have picked. So, usually, you don't need to worry about this context, as our expert team will give you sensible options once crafted with your favorite custom paint by numbers. This is because while turning your image into paint by numbers, there will be some modifications done by the crafty team as per the image resolution and its dimensions. Sometimes it is by adding white space, sometimes by adding borders, and many other things.