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Paint By Numbers Canada

Being creative is not just a pro thing. Every art lover is creative in their own way, and while using our Paint by Numbers Canada, you will undoubtedly turn into a craft enthusiast. Dwell in a whole new world of creativity and art with our expansive paint-by-numbers kit collections, which are precisely packed with top-quality tool essentials and serve as the perfect artistry for both kids and adults.

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Custom Painting Kit

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What would be more precious than having your favorite photo on a "paint by numbers canvas?" Absolutely nothing, right!

Our custom painting kit is a novel way to express your love for yourself or your beloved. All you have to do is send your best-loved photo and wait for the magic while we turn it into a paint-by-number kit.


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Happiness is when you turn your paint-by-numbers canvas into a wonderful masterpiece.

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Unleash Your Creativity With Our Handy Paint-By-Numbers Kit.

Are you the one who loves art and crafts and feels more passionate about them? Also, do you fall for vibrancy in every color and want to create amazing artwork? And you are worried just because you don't have enough skills? Then, no worries; our paint-by-numbers kit is just crafted for you. You don't need to be an expert in order to use our creative craft kit; you might be a complete beginner who is not aware of the basics or a professional in curving craft. Both ways, our paint-by-numbers kit, Canada, will assist you with just the best and nothing.

Our paint-by-numbers kit comes with well-equipped tools that help you find an easier way to craft your masterpiece. While unfolding our thoughtfully curated kit, you can find a set of acrylic colors, paint brushes of different sizes, a sample canvas or portrait, and a pre-numbered canvas sheet. Considerably, while using this paint-by-numbers kit from us, you simply need to follow the pre-numbered canvas sheet and paint the colors accordingly as per the code given. You are almost there. Just by paying your total attention and thoroughly following the pre-numbered canvas, your finished artwork will be well executed, just as a pro does.

As per a well-known study resource, it is stated that if an adult with a hectic schedule spends at least an hour crafting, then their stress levels will be absolutely zero percent. When it comes to paint-by-numbers art, then say it is a whole new way of therapeutic process. We exclusively offer paint-by-numbers kits for adults, which are packed with high-quality tools and mostly with love for every customer. Get your adult paint by numbers, Canada, and unleash yourself totally into a world of art and creativity with a peaceful and calming experience in painting every canvas block on a pre-numbered sheet.

Happy crafting!

You Are Just 3 Steps Away From Crafting Your Masterpiece.

Few Handy Tips For Paint By Numbers

Knowing a few handy tips will always help to achieve the perfect frame for the artwork.
Buy Kits with Frame: Start with small blocks of the canvas on your first day and observe the way paint is dried. Following this on a progressive note, you can easily analyze where the color has uneven strokes.
Don’t use Clogged Brushes:If you pick one color in the sketch, then try finishing that color part on the entire canvas sheet. This could help you follow the pattern without missing any blocks.
Start from the Top:Try applying double coats of paint, especially if it is for light-colored walls. This will unusually highlight every area in the given pattern on canvas.
Keep Work Area Clean:Take particular time breaks in between your art so that you can have a precise focus on it. Also, avoid sitting for long just to avoid eye strain.
Keep the Brushes Clean:Try crafting in a proper light so that there will not be any usual messing up with the colors and you paint every canvas block appropriately.
Do not Overdo:Maintain the reference portrait sheet with the utmost care to make sure that you have not missed any canvas block areas for painting and that you do it in an even manner.
Use Water: If you are a right-handed person, then you need to confirm that the left-side space on the sheet is deep enough that you can place your hand on it. So you need to paint from the top right corner and vice versa for a left-hander.
Have fun:Usually, when you buy a paint-by-numbers kit, you try to make art practice a habit. To say start it by setting a 10-15 minutes from day 1 and increasing it gradually.
Have a creative break!

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