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Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
dog custom paint by number
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit
Custom Painting Kit

Custom Painting Kit

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Custom Paint By Numbers Canada

There is nothing good than creating your own painting. We design and convert any photo selected by you to Custom Paint by Number Canada. Our custom painting has the ability to produce a high-definition painting and our high-quality colors will make your painting a perfect fit for your house.

Note: Custom painting can take up to 8-15 days for delivery.

Painting includes:

  • Size: 20" X 16" (50cm X 40cm)

  • Numbered high-quality cotton canvas

  • Numbered acrylic-based paint set.

  • Paintbrush set - 2 thin and 1 wide
  • Easy-to-follow instruction guide.

  • Reference sheet.

     All About Converting a Photo to a Paint by Numbers Pattern? 

    Paint by numbers is a fun thing to do, but it can become even more exciting for you when you pick up your favorite photo to convert into a Paint by numbers pattern. 

    Most people think it's a stressful task, but it's a creative and relaxing task in reality. 

    Here in this post, we will discuss everything about converting a photo to a paint by numbers pattern. 

    But before heading forward, let's have a look at some essential tips, which you should know before getting started with it. 

    Before you start with Custom Paint by Numbers: 

    While choosing the right picture, make sure you pick up your favorite one. This will help you enhance the quality of outcomes, and you would be able to come up with new ideas for betterment. 

    Few tips to follow are: 

    • Pick up a photo with a background that is not too cluttered. This will help you get your work done by using fewer colors, and if you are trying it for the first time, it will be an easy task for you to get started with. 
    • Make sure the minimum picture should be 750 pixels high and wide. 
    • Try to focus on the clarity of your picture, and to come up with better clarity, choose fewer subjects. 
    • Lighting on the picture plays an important role, so make sure to go with high-quality close-ups with good lighting. 
    • Fetch all the photo ideas from the internet or if you have your unique idea. Create an outline and then go with the one option that suits best to you. 

    When to do a custom paint by numbers Canada photo? 

    There are several situations under which you can use custom Paint by numbers Canada; some of those situations are listed below: 

    • Remembering a special event, like your marriage or more. 
    • Living the old moments again.
    • Creating a gift for your friend or loved ones. 
    • Can use Paint by numbers with your partner or in groups 

    Converting a photo to a paint by numbers pattern: 

    There are two ways with the help of which you can convert your photo into a paint by numbers pattern. The best way is as follows:

    Using Paint by numbers kit: 

    In this method, you would have to get all the equipment like a Paint by numbers kit and your picture's base area. With the help of which you can create an artistic picture. 

    Such Paint by numbers pictures is more preferred because it develops a personal touch with the picture. 

    Although it's a challenging task, by getting the best Paint by numbers Canada kit and following the right guidelines, you can generate amazing results.

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