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Happy in the Jungle, Elephant Paint By Numbers
Happy in the Jungle, Elephant Paint By Numbers
Happy in the Jungle, Elephant Paint By Numbers

Happy in the Jungle, Elephant Paint By Numbers

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A child’s bedroom is their personal space that should be a haven, a space they call their own and where they feel soothed  and safe. This space should be crafted as an oasis, balancing the various elements, in the middle of a chaotic world that we inhabit. A cheerful and personalized space aids their overall development and growth.

Just as soft colour palettes, draperies, lighting and furniture go a long way in getting the right kind of ambiance, wall art would also be a major defining factor in setting the desired tone.

These art pieces should feature softer hues,simpler shapes and fun figures to appeal to their senses.

Just as most of illustrations in children’s books are happy images, the walls of their rooms would require merry and joyous scenes.

This painting sets the desired tone, with the beaming buddies, the Giraffe and the Elephant sharing cock-a-hoop look that looks as cheery as it looks contented.

The backdrop of a jungle with clear skies, would enable you to ‘bring the outside in’ and create an environment that sends a subliminal message to the brain to stay calm. Similar effect on emotions would be experienced while your child paints this scene.

While working on it,  perhaps you can start a conversation around the colour of the elephant that is usually grey,but looks brown after it has been wallowing in mud.

This also happens to be one of the rarer pieces that doesn’t attempt to show off the never ending legs of a giraffe but keeps the focus on the innocent and cute smiley face.

The folds of the Elephant’s trunk and ears might inspire the young artists to breathe and let the brush stroke its magic on the canvas.

When the sun shines brightly, it is warm and a lot of lush greenery and ripe fruit around - how can you not smile?
Especially if there are good, fun friends that can go for any pranks with you :)

Size: 20" X 16" (50cm X 40cm)

Numbered high-quality cotton canvas

Numbered acrylic-based paint set.

Elephant paint by numbers kit with coloring canvas.

Paint brush set - 2 thin, 1 medium, 1 wide.

Varnish to add brightness and preserve the finished painting

Easy-to-follow instruction guide.

Reference sheet.

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