Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit
Custom Diamond Kit

Custom Diamond Kit

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Have you experienced that ecstasy while unboxing a custom diamond kit Canada? If not, then try ordering one today from us.


Diamond painting does not require any thoughtful introduction, as it is an art that every craft enthusiast is well aware of. Yet, a crafter finds it difficult to get all the essentials that are of high quality. We at Paint With Numbers understand every artist's passion, and thus, we carve each custom diamond painting kit Canada with premium standard tools.

Our custom diamond painting kit includes:

  • Pre-numbered Canvas
  • Drill-pen
  • Cube Clay
  • Diamond Organizing Tray
  • Easy-to-paint Guide
  • Reference Sheet

Shipping and Delivery

  • We ensure that every order placed will be shipped within 2–3 business days.
  • The product's delivery time, on an approximate basis, is 5-7 business days.
  • Every order will be shipped with a tracking number, which further helps you keep track of your product.

Why Should You Order a Custom Diamond Kit?

Not every feeling is expressed through words; sometimes it is done using art and craft. Also, a custom diamond painting is such an amazing piece of art that lets you explore your creative side and express yourself to others. So, if you are ordering a custom diamond kit, then you need to realize that "it is not just some art product; indeed, it is a companion in your solitude and a pack of emotions gifted to your beloved."

Let this artistic expression help you dive into a whole new peaceful craft world. Place your order today.

How Can You Order a Custom Diamond Painting Kit From Us?

It is as simple as selecting your favorite photo from your gallery collection. All you have to do is select one photo, send it to us, and stay relaxed. Having received the image, our professional team will convert it into a pre-numbered canvas. Once your canvas is ready, we will deliver it to you in a kit along with all essential tools, including a drilled pen, colorful diamonds, a diamond organizing tray, adhesive glue, a pre-designed canvas, a reference sheet [portrait], and frames [optional based on your requirement].

Things You Need to Consider While Placing an Order:

Custom diamond painting is such an enticing art form that most craft enthusiasts skip marking crucial things and just place the order in a hurry. Thus, we are here to assist you in placing your order smartly:

  • While choosing an image for a custom diamond painting, you need to make sure that the photo is of high resolution, as one with low resolution can affect the canvas design.
  • Make sure that the image is of high quality and that the faces and objects seem very clear without any blur or shadows. This will ultimately help in designing the canvas precisely as per the photo.
  • If it is a group photo, ensure that there are only 4 to 5 people in the image.
  • If it is your pet's photograph, then try to choose a photo with a close-up or click one in a close view if required.
  • While choosing the frame size, make sure that you are doing it as per the photo size.
  • Also, try selecting an image without any watermarks or graphics, as this could affect the canvas design.

Having gone through every point, you still feel puzzled about sending the photo and converting it into a custom diamond painting kit Canada. No worries; our experts are always available to help you. You can reach us by phone or email and get proper guidance in placing your order.

Significance of Paint With Numbers Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Apart from the many sources available, our art frame kits stand out with their unique features, like

Premium Quality: We always remain conscious of our standards and ensure that every kit with us will never be compromised in quality terms.

Optimal Designs: Every design we carve will attract you towards art and gradually turn your love of art into a passion.

Best Diamonds: The resin beads or diamonds we use are of high quality and are even in size and shape. 

 Shop with us today.